Rodd’s new number line game involves counting along the 1-20 number line and roaring like a lion when we come to a ‘missing’ number. Rodd challenges children to identify the missing number and then adds lion moves to support counting on the beat. Talkie Time is a new style of playful learning sketch for school or home which requires you to participate by reading the onscreen cues and doing the actions with your children.

This clip is from:
Talkie Time
First broadcast:
8 February 2011

Students could read out the dialogue written on the screen during the sketch as though actually talking with Rodd. Students could call out the answers to questions posed by Rodd and join in the counting, actions and roaring. After sharing this clip, students could play their own missing number game. One student could count to a number between one and twenty, replacing the final number with a roar. Classmates could try to work out which number the roar replaced. Alternatively, the missing 'roar' number could be in the middle as the numbers are counted, making it more tricky to identify.