A short how-to on making a figure drawn on memo notes appear to run across a wall. The first figure is drawn in mid-running pose. The second moves this pose slightly and this is repeated with each figure in turn until a short running sequence is created on several notes. Overlapping the memo notes makes the drawing process much easier as the previous figure pose can be seen through it and used as a guide to help with drawing the next one. Once the sequence is complete, the drawings are then photographed in order and animated using a computer or tablet. An animation loop has been created meaning that it can be replayed to form a longer repeated animation where the figure appears to run across the wall until the loop is stopped.

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Children could start by drawing a walking or running sequence, using this to create an animation. They could experiment with different moves such as a jump, handstand, roll or flip. Children could be encouraged to use their own body movements as a guide to drawing realistic character moves.