A demonstration of how a route walked using a satellite navigation tracker can produce a recognisable line drawing. Beginning by using a mobile phone satellite navigation app, a dog walking route is taken through town along pre-planned streets. The artist has first had to visualise a shape or image to be created by the tracker based on the available street shapes and lines. The route is walked and once completed the tracked route in this case shows the outline of a dog. These images could be stored, saved, printed or shared.

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Other images could be created in a similar way using different shapes spotted by looking at a map. This activity requires some forward thinking, planning and interpreting maps to choose specific routes but is fun to do. Links well with geography, local environmental and history studies. Pre-planned routes can be made on maps in class, walked in reality and examined back in school once complete before displaying the results. Children could study maps to choose a selected route in the local area. Encourage them to use a combination of streets and open spaces to create specific shapes.