Maxime has arranged to meet agent “W” in a leafy Parisian park one morning. He needs to collect secret papers, however he is unable to make the transfer. “W”’s excellent disguise prevents him from recognising her. On “W”’s own suggestion, he attempts to draw out personal information about where she lives. Each reply fails to convince him. He suspects that she is Némésis himself and she is forced to abandon her disguise.

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A class could navigate through the 4 key questions contained in the dialogue, by following a transcript in English and noting down key words in French. A follow-up would be to work in groups of four, where each member of the group translates section into French. A third stage could be to interview each other within the group, asking the fours questions, “décris ta ville”, “décris ton appartement”, “décris ta chambre” and “dis-moi avec qui tu habites”. The class could alter the details from the dialogue between Maxime and “W”, so that they apply to where they live.