Police in the London borough of Lewisham use GIS to map and prevent crime. A map shows the distribution of selected types of crimes in Lewisham. By selecting a layer within a Geographic Information System (GIS) map, it becomes clear there is a link with a bus route through the area. The bus is regarded as a 'crime generator'. This is especially likely as much of the crime is known to be committed by children. Views from the upper floor of a bus along its route show how children can spot opportunities for crime. The police in Lewisham are making use of GIS to target their response by placing officers on the buses to help prevent crime.

This clip is from:
Mapping Crime
First broadcast:
22 February 2008

Can be used to show how GIS is used to map crime on bus routes. Discuss the reasons for the growth of crime hot spots along bus routes. Discuss why it is mainly 13-17 year olds who are participating in this type of criminal activity. Suggest reasons why many of these do not use bus passes. Discuss reasons why the top floor of a bus can be a useful platform for identifying criminal opportunities. Identify ways that the police are targetting and managing these activities.