The king of Dalriada, Kenneth MacAlpin, wanted to become king of Pictland too. He first dealt with the Vikings by letting them keep everything they had conquered and marrying off his children to powerful members of their tribe. He also joined forces with the Vikings to take on the Britons. He kept both the Scotti and the Picts happy by respecting their churches and customs and giving his children Scotti and Pictish names. He employed a storyteller to invent stories about him to tell of his bravery and noble bloodline. Kenneth MacAlpin was a clever, ruthless and successful king, and after his reign, the Picts and the Scotti were united.

Students could list all the things that Kenneth MacAlpin did to unite the Scotti and Picts. They could also recap the different types of plans described in the clip, for example, the 'best of both worlds' plan. Students could then cut up their list and assign each item to one of the plans.

Students could also list the advantages and disadvantages of Kenneth MacAlpin being king, from both the Pict and Scotti points of view. They could then take on the role of Kenneth MacAlpin and his messengers and take his plans to the Picts and the Scotti. How will the tribes react?

Alternatively, students could research why St Andrews was important as a religious site, and discuss why we need to speculate about Kenneth MacAlpin’s actions due to the lack of written evidence.