Presenter Kirsten O'Brien shows how to record the physical features of an area on to a 2D map using painting and sketching. She then uses this to create 3D images of memorable places and landmarks. This is a simple technique for a range of abilities and ages in field work.

First broadcast:
5 March 2010

This clip offers an innovative way to get children to look at their immediate surrounding area and to take note of what it contains. This is an ideal starter for map-work and could be used on a small scale to plot a classroom, dining hall or sports area for example. The addition of 3D pop-up elements combines art, creativity and subject content for Art and History projects. This would work equally well in a town or city centre or for recreating a plan of an external venue, such as a museum or swimming pool. The same technique could be applied to map the events and locations of characters in a story for Literacy or could be a straightforward 3D plan of the local area or routes to school. As a highly adaptable creative technique, it can be used in almost any situation where landmarks, events, time or distances exist and need to be mapped out.