Narcissus is the most beautiful man ever but he will lose it all if he ever sees his reflection. His friend Ameinias tries his best to help him. However, when Narcissus becomes famous he starts to lose the people who once supported him.

This clip is from:
French - Narcissus
First broadcast:
2 March 2009

Before watching the clip, pupils could do some research about Narcissus and discuss his story. They could think of a shortlist of key words related to the story and use a bilingual dictionary to find out the French for them. As they watch the clip, pupils could tick the keywords they think are referred to in the clip. After watching the clip, pupils could share their lists with a partner and say whether they agree with the ticks. Pupils could compare Narcissus' and Ameinias' personality and they could draw them and draw think bubbles with the words they would use to describe each other.