The fridge is empty so Farley uses his magic collar to create a restaurant for Spud and Soda. Acting as the waiter, it seems all he can offer them are vegetables, but with the help of the translation cap, the children explain that they'd like something else to eat. Spud's tastes seem to be determined by colour, while Soda's fish and chips aren't quite as expected. Soda's translating cap helps the children communicate with Farley who only speaks Mandarin.

First broadcast:
3 May 2011

Introduce students to a range of food vocabularly. Students could use this vocabulary to describe their favourite food. A partner could wear a 'translation cap' just like Soda's and be responsible for translating this description to the class. Students could also set up their own Mandarin restaurant within the classroom. They could design menus in Mandarin and role-play ordering food.