Former England captain and World Cup winner Katy McLean encourages girls to play rugby union. Jess Creighton meets the legendary fly-half (number 10) at the England training base at the University of Surrey sports complex. Katy discusses her career and how family connections originally attracted her to the sport and also how she originally played in boys teams at a young age. She also tells viewers all the positives of participating in her chosen sport. Katy also explains what rugby has done for her in terms of life skills, travel, making friends and giving her a sense of sporting purpose from a young age. Next, we see Katy coach beginners at the local primary school, where she used to teach, in Sunderland. Katy demonstrates the basics skills to the school girls in a tag rugby session. 'Tag rugby' is a beginner format of the game, aimed at getting young players involved in the sport by using tag belts rather than contact tackles. The session finishes with a hectic game, where the ball is allowed to be thrown forward, against normal rugby rules, just to get everyone involved, running about and most importantly having lots of fun.

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This could help to encourage reluctant girls to take a more active part within rugby. Students could discuss the different forms of rugby that they are familiar with? Can they discuss the similarities and differences of different types of rugby?Students could come up with a comic strip of the styles of rugby and the different types of people who could play rugby?