Exploration of possible solutions to the crisis facing the UK as a result of its ageing population. Looks at the reasons for the problem, and the effects that this population change has on pensions, taxes and the provision of health care.

First broadcast:
28 April 2006

This could be used as a case study for an ageing population and changes over time. The clip raises many questions for discussion and debate with opportunities for group work, identifying possible solutions and diamond ranking choices. It could be used in conjunction with animations of population pyramid graphs of a number of contrasting countries, which can be used predictively to show how the population structure changes over time and to anticipate the issues which may result. Students could use positives/ minuses/ issues triangular diagrams to analyse what the situations could be by 2050 in a range of countries. They could set up a sequence of questions on the issues of the changing population structure, and then propose possible solutions to the problem. This could be used within a unit of work on changing populations.