A father and son go on a fishing trip in Marseille and Les Iles du Frioul. They go to the market and show us different types of fish. The son buys tickets to cross by ferry and we are introduced to different parts of Marseille and Les Iles du Frioul. The pair then go fishing.

This clip is from:
Being French
First broadcast:
6 March 2009

Pupils could discuss the names of fish they know in English first or research the names of common fish and check if they appear in the clip. Pupils could practise a simple role-play involving buying boat tickets modelled on the conversation in the clip. The clip could also be stopped on the sign with the boat times for pupils to refer to in the conversation. Pupils could revise the numbers 1-20 and guess how many fish will be caught in the clip. They could then watch the clip to check.