A teacher asks her pupils what skills they think they need to be a good peer mediator. These include understanding feelings, not taking sides, knowing how to help and how to listen. Children applying to become peer mediators are trained. Through role-play the children learn the process of mediation and a clear set of promises made by both the mediators and the visitors helps to set the rules.

First broadcast:
5 November 2007

This clip is useful to introduce pupils to the process of mediation and to discuss their expectations if they choose to solve a problem in this way. Encourage children to write down all the ideas that the word 'conflict' stirs up in them. Ask everyone to remember the last conflict they had with another person. Ask for volunteers to share, without mentioning names. "What was the conflict about? How did it make them feel? What did they do about the conflict?" If they didn't do anything, how are they doing now? If they did do something, what was the end result? As a peer mediator, what would they have done? Would anybody be interested in becoming a mediator?