The Sands of Forvie National Nature Reserve to the north of Aberdeen is managed by Scottish Natural Heritage. It is home to the River Ythan estuary and a virtually untouched dune formation. Sometimes visitor access must be curtailed to protect the reserve. Fish stocks in the Ythan have fallen, so fishing must also be controlled. In 2001 the Ythan project was set up to protect the river and its estuary from nitrate pollution caused by agriculture. The use of fertilisers by farmers is now controlled.

First broadcast:
17 October 2007

Sands of Forvie is immediately next to the site of the Trump International golf development. This could lead into a study of the impact the scheme, both environmental and financial, on the local area. The clip can be used as introduction to a map work exercise or to an examination of the work of Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH). Link to projects on government funding and legislation. As well as highlighting a conflict in coastal land use, the section covering the leaching of fertiliser into the River Ythan can be used to inform conflicts related to rivers and water management and highlights the fact that conflict may not be confined to just one area.