People with fair skin are not genetically predisposed to cope with high levels of exposure to the sun. Those who emigrate to countries with lots of strong sun tend to have high levels of skin cancer. People with darker skin, such as Aboriginal Australians, are able to withstand higher levels of sun exposure and have much lower rates of skin cancer. Reduction in the ozone layer over Australia and particularly New Zealand, means that it can take as little as 8 minutes to become sunburnt. As a result, both countries have for some time run successful campaigns urging people to 'Slip on a shirt, slop on suncream, slap on a hat'.

First broadcast:
4 March 2004

Consider the development factors that have led to increased incidence of skin cancer. Look at slip, slap, slop and other health campaigns and investigate their effectiveness. Students could compare health campaigns in countries with different levels of development. Consider the funding and outlets available to transmit messages related to health.