Mary and Joseph take Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem when he is six weeks old. Simeon's heart skips a beat when he recognises that Jesus is the new king who will rule over his people as promised by God. Anna tells everyone in the temple that Jesus was the gift that all had been waiting for.

This clip is from:
Watch, Christianity: Gifts
First broadcast:
21 September 2007

Could be used as an introduction of Jesus and his role in Christianity. Ask the class if there is anybody who knows about or has heard of him. "Who was he? Who were his parents? Where was he born? What religion did he belong to?" After the clip, discuss pupils' thoughts as to what could have made Jesus special and why he was regarded as the gift people had been waiting for. Some children may not be familiar with the idea of being 'a saviour of the world' so the clip could encourage further reading and analysis on this topic.