What does depression feel like to young people and how did they cope (or not) with their feelings? The interviewees talk candidly about self harm and attempted suicide. The clip also looks at symptoms of depression and what the young people did to help themselves.

Depression can affect us all at different times of our lives, whether in the long or short term. There aren't always clear triggers, and we don't always understand what makes us depressed.

First broadcast:
1 June 2012

This clip could act at as a stimulus for a project exploring depression in young people. Areas to explore include the extent and the causes of depression. Students could identify the key signs for individuals to help identify depression in themselves and in others. Research might also be conducted into the local and national support that is available. Students could present their project with a series of posters, leaflets, online advice sites, or in presentations to a class or assembly. Pupils could investigate the possibility of establishing a 'listening service' in their own school.