Johanna Adams Farley, senior stage manager for the Royal Ballet's 2011 production of 'Alice's Adventures In Wonderland' gives an insight into the job role and her own journey to reaching this senior position. Johanna explains the structures of the stage management team in this large organisation and identifies the necessary qualities and skills needed to do the job. She refers to the various liasions with technical departments such as lighting, sound and scenery.

This clip could be used to illustrate the role of the Stage Manager within a production. Working in groups, students could choose a scene from a play or a scene they have devised themselves that requires props, set changes, character, lighting and sound cues. Ask students to create their own prompt book, concentrating on how they organise it. One member of their team should be in the role of stage manager, keeping a record of the decisions they make and the changes needed in performance. Show students a copy of a stage manager's prompt book and discuss the qualities needed for the role.