Jamila and Megan have had a Halloween party and, after eating so many sweets and chocolates, they feel like they cannot eat another bite. When discussing transport to get home, Alfred, the science app, mishears and starts explaining active transport. Alfred goes on to explain active transport using their Halloween chocolates as an example of molecules travelling from a low concentration to a high concentration. Alfred explains how this process requires energy.

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Show students the clip to introduce the topic and recap their understanding from a prior lesson. Ask them to consider what sort of substances are in a high concentration inside the cell compared with outside the cell. Ask them to extend their understanding and suggest where else in the body this process occurs. For more able and talented students, they will need to explain the process of active transport in different situations. They could be asked to explain how active transport is essential in the processes of respiration where glucose needs to enter the cells and in the function of a healthy kidney to regulate salt content and remove urea from the blood. Ask them to consider active transport in plants, for example, where does this occur? What sort of molecules will a plant need to take in against a concentration gradient? What happens to the plant if the concentrations are equal?