Barnaby Bear continues his visit to the Mexican village of Tocuaro. Barnaby accompanies his pen pal Juan Pablo and Angelica on a shopping trip to the Tortilleria to buy some dough for making tortillas. The dough is made from crushed corn or maize. Back at Angelica's Barnaby helps to press the tortilla dough ready for cooking. Barnaby thinks the tortillas are delicious. The village has brightly coloured houses and a pink church. There are only three shops in the village so people sometimes go shopping in the nearby town. On Monday morning, Barnaby goes to the local school and watches the Mexican flag being raised. Barnaby notices some of the differences between life in the village and his home town of Chester in the UK.

First broadcast:
29 July 2008

This clip is useful to visualise and discuss the differences between the Mexican town and a town local to your school. The children could try making and tasting their own tortillas and compare them to shop bought ones. They could also compare the school in Mexico with their own school and recreate the Mexican flag.