Elton John’s ‘I’m Still Standing’ is a classic pop track from the early 1980s. Fatherson band-members Ross Leighton (lead vocal and guitar), Marc Strain (bass guitar) and Greg Walkinshaw (drums) reflect on the structure of the track and their approach to playing it, before performing the song live in the studio. Features the following concepts- pop, voice, allegro, drum kit, chorus, verse, step/stepwise, leap/leaping, drum fill, strumming, electric guitar, solo, bass guitar, repetition, simple time, backing vocals.

Learners could be asked to analyse and discuss this version of the song by Fatherson and compare it to the original by Elton John. This could lead on to a group performance task, where learners could download chords, notes or lyrics from the internet and try to create their own cover version of the song. Another related task could be to take a different song, or riff from a song, choose a different style and create a cover version to perform to the other groups.