An old man is trying to get to sleep but the boy next door won't stop playing his drum. The man asks for help from three different people. Will they be able to help him or will he have to move out so he can get a good sleep?

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13 March 2009

This clip could be used in a gap-fill activity. Choose a scene and write out the text leaving some gaps. Offer the students a word bank on the IWB, show the scene again, maybe pausing frequently and ask the students to fill in the gaps with the correct words from the word bank.
Have a look at loan words such as 'problem' or 'chance' - how are they being pronounced in German? Do the children know any other loan words, maybe modern technology vocabulary such as 'computer' and how they might get pronounced in German? Maybe concentrate on a couple of German sounds such as the guttural R and practise them with the children.