Through role play, demonstration and modelling, the importance of punctuation in both speech and writing is explored. The clip looks at the use of a wide range of punctuation marks, including exclamation marks, colons, semi-colons, question marks, dashes and commas. Through modelling, the use of punctuation as signposts is explored, so that readers can be helped to navigate their way through, and make meaning from, a text. The impact of a lack of punctuation in speech is also discussed.

This clip is from:
Curriculum Bites, English
First broadcast:
4 October 2007

Show the clip once a class has completed a first draft of a piece of writing and before asking them to proof read and edit. Focus particularly on punctuation.
Alternatively, use as a revision tool for punctuation before starting a piece of writing – prepare written versions of all the examples in the clip, such as ‘We think it’s great to punctuate’, ‘I have a brother Mark’, and ask students to add punctuation. Then watch the clip to check their suggestions.