Skye is a large inhabited island off the west coast of Scotland. A bridge permanently links it to the mainland. Local children explain to the presenter that Gaelic is widely spoken on the island and that places have both English and Gaelic names. The children also give examples of activities that occur on the island and the positive aspects of island living.

First broadcast:
15 March 2004

Pupils can watch the clip and get some basic facts about Skye. Then they can use maps and atlases to find out other key information such as its location and how to get there. They can use other sources of information to back up their knowledge such as tourist information leaflets and the internet. Once the children have gathered all of their information they can write a postcard to someone as if they had visited the island. Pupils should be encouraged to include a minimum of five facts in their writing. They could extend this work by choosing four images which they have narrowed down from a larger set which they think best depicts the island. These images can be placed together to form the front design of the postcard.