Ian Watkins revisits the Rhondda valley to see if attitudes to homosexuality have altered in the last ten years. He remembers the abuse that he had growing up there. Includes archive footage from 1967. Contemporary footage shows an interview with Leo Abse, a same-sex civil partnership ceremony, Cardiff's Mardi Gras Festival and an interview with rugby referee Nigel Owens, but some contemporary voices still show signs of homophobia.

First broadcast:
11 March 2008

Students could identify evidence from the clip that suggests that attitudes in the Rhondda have changed or are changing. They could investigate which other groups suffer discrimination in contemporary society, and research the possible effects on the individual as a result of discrimination. Learners could collect statistics on civil partnership ceremonies, looking at how many there have been since the passing of legislation in 2004. In groups, they could investigate discrimination cases from the news and give a presentation to the class. As a revision exercise, they could note the differences between prejudice and discrimination. They could discuss the reasons for societal discrimination based on sexuality or race. Ask students to investigate the difference between crime and deviance and how both definitions are socially constructed.