A description of how hedgehogs live throughout the different seasons. In spring, hedgehogs like to eat snails and slugs, and are able to find food due to their good sense of smell. In the summer, the supply of food is plentiful with plants, fruits and berries all available. In autumn, hedgehogs eat as much as they can to build up body fat for the winter. In winter, hedgehogs fall into a deep sleep called hibernation.

First broadcast:
24 September 2007

The clip could be used as a link to outdoor learning. Children could create their own hedgehog habitat to attract a hedgehog through the winter season. What materials do they need for its habitat? A class database and factfile could be set up to answer the following questions: "What does the hedgehog eat? What are its best senses? How does it rely on these senses? How many babies can a hedgehog have? What do they eat? What is their source of food when they are first born?"