People go on pilgrimage to places that they think are holy. Every year, thousands of people travel to Lourdes in France, a place sacred to Roman Catholics and the site of a grotto dedicated to the Virgin Mary who appeared to a young girl in a vision . A group of English schoolchildren on a pilgrimage to Lourdes explain their beliefs and talk about their faith. There then follows a debate about the nature of miracles and the place of science in religion.

This clip is from:
KS3 Curriculum Bites
First broadcast:
19 September 2007

Students could research the role of pilgrimage in different religions, investigating why particular sites have taken on religious significance.
The class could continue the discussion shown in the clip. Do they believe in the religious definition of miracles, or not? As the discussion progresses, students can keep notes of viewpoints and arguments being put forward, and create a visual presentation of the arguments afterwards, or write it up as an essay, with their own conclusion at the end.