Gavin Hastings and the players from Glasgow Warriors illustrate this very descriptive word. Gavin explains that 'stramash' makes him think of rugby players wrestling to gain possession of the ball. We see the players in action while Gavin talks about the game at Murrayfield Stadium.

This clip is from:
Blethering Scots, 1
First broadcast:
20 June 2011

Challenge students to write a match report for a school game or P.E lesson using Scots words to describe the action. Cut and paste sporting images to create wall displays and match these pictures to appropriate Scots words. Students could also try to provide a voiceover for their favourite sporting event with the original sound muted. Recording members of staff shouting out their favourite Scots word (and providing others for them to use) could be an ideal quiz activity to identify the teacher. Additionally, ‘Stramash’ is an ideal word for lessons based around onomatopoeia.