The history of the tithe in Wales - a tax paid by all to the Church of England. Analysis of Welsh opposition to it, including a riot in Denbigh in 1887, and the role of Lloyd George in changing the law so the landowner rather than the farm workers paid tax.

This clip is from:
A Nonconformist People
First broadcast:
20 November 2008

The clip could be used as a starting point to an investigation into the impact of social changes in Wales. Students could use a graphic organiser to record the causes, events and consequences of the Tithe Wars and consider whether the tithe was fair and whether people were right to protest. It could also be used as a springboard to look at David Lloyd George, and to assess the impact he had on Welsh life and politics. A possible method of considering the impact of the Tithe Wars would be to use a PESCR approach, looking at political, economic, social, cultural and religious factors. This would allow students to look at the links between the causes and consequences.