Several children provide an introduction to bullying. There are two types of bullying - emotional bullying (excluding people and unkind remarks) and physical bullying (violence). The children explain the effects of bullying on them and how it makes them feel.

This clip is from:
Watch, Bullying
First broadcast:
19 November 2007

This clip could be used to introduce the meaning and types of bullying. After the clip, discuss about emotional and physical bullying. "Has anybody ever felt the way the children described in the video? Have they ever seen anybody being bullied? What other examples of bullying can they think of?"The teacher could set up a system of telling about bullying. (Maybe by dropping a note in a box, sending an email, arranging a time to talk after school, organising an after school club to talk and share opinions). If possible, organise for pupils to lead an assembly on bullying.