Sanjeev Kohli takes a look at Scots expressions which graphically explain our feelings about hunger, anger, disgust and other human emotions. Sanjeev raps using the natural rhythms of the Scots language.

This clip is from:
Blethering Scots, 2
First broadcast:
24 January 2012

Can be used to illustrate how a writer might explore the imagery and rhythms of language when writing creatively.
Students can investigate the words and phrases the speaker in the clip uses by filling in a pre-prepared grid. In column 1 the words and phrases, ‘boak’, ‘I could eat the scabby heid off a wain’, ‘away and bile yer heid’ and ‘your coat’s on a shoogly peg’ are listed. Students can fill in columns for meaning and suggest three alternatives. Students can then share their alternative suggestions and agree which has the best rhythm or strongest image.
Students could also create their own Scots rap or poem. Encourage students to create their own sketches or mimes to illustrate an expression or word. Research Scots expressions which have a gory history and present them in a multi-media presentation to the rest of the group.