The negative effects of living in a deprived area and its impact on young people is examined. A lack of opportunities and role models, crime and territorialism are all issues related to deprivation. The clip includes a tour round the Royston area of Glasgow, which suffers from gang related problems.

First broadcast:
4 November 2008

This clip opens by telling the viewers that, if you were brought up in some areas of Scotland, you have fewer chances than everyone else. If the clip is stopped here, the class could create a mind map to show all of the potential reasons as to why children from deprived areas may be faced with more difficulties than those who aren't. As the clip continues, pupils can individually add to the mind map and, after the clip has finished, can discuss their findings. This could then lead to research on deprivation as a factor in determining the future of children. Pupils can look at the areas that are close to them that are most deprived, and look at what could be done to improve the life chances of children there, perhaps writing to MPs to ask for help.