Mental health advice for parents - how you can support your child

Welcome to the Parents' Toolkit

BBC Bitesize Parents' Toolkit brings you tips and advice on mental health and wellbeing to help you support your child, whatever their age, from home and school, to the online world.

Supporting your child's mental health

Mental health first aid kit for parents: Who to ask and what to do
Five ways to incorporate mindfulness into your child’s day
Five ways to build your child’s resilience
Four steps to chatting with your child about their mental health
How to talk to your child about climate change
How to manage your child’s online world without clashing
How to recognise signs of mental ill health and what to do

Supporting your teen's mental health

Anxiety: How you can help your child - with five simple coping techniques
Eating disorders: the warning signs and what to do about them.
How to help your child deal with obsessive compulsive behaviours
Seven ways to get your kids outdoors

Supporting your child with SEND

Five multisensory activities you can do with your child at home
How physical activity can support children with special educational needs and disabilities at home
Seven techniques for helping kids keep calm

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