Top 7 exam day tips

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Exam Day Tips

How to take care of yourself during exams:

Sleep enough

Have a good night’s sleep before the exam. Staying up late to ‘cram’ is never a good idea. Stop revising at a point which gives you time to calm down, then go to bed at a decent time.

Stop and reset

If your mind goes blank during the exam, do a simple breathing exercise to focus yourself, then have a calm read through the exam paper to find something you know well. Start by answering that, to bolster your confidence, then move on to the trickier stuff.

Focus on you

Don’t focus on what other people are doing in the exam hall. You can’t judge how well you are doing by how other people are behaving.

Move on

Don’t keep re-living the exam when it’s over. You’ve done what you can and you can’t change anything now. Move onto the next one.

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