Learn what the Earth can tell us about the weather with Sir David Attenborough

Everything in the world is connected.

You might have wondered why the Earth has so many different habitats. The answer actually lies in the Earth itself: the ocean and land can tell us a lot about what affects the weather and climate in different regions. They can even tell us why different species live in certain locations. But how can we tell?

Legendary naturalist Sir David Attenborough takes us on a virtual trip across the world, and shows us how to use the Earth to understand the sky.

Oceans: Weather patterns

Have you ever heard the phrase 'Indian Summer' and wondered what it means? From rain to floods to hot and cold spells, learn about weather systems and how their patterns affect different parts of the world.

Oceans: Currents and weather

Oceans - current and weather with David Attenborough

The ocean covers a whopping 71% of the planet. Discover how its currents affect the weather as Sir David guides us through the habitats of each ocean basin.

The world: Latitude and climate

The World - Latitude and climate with David Attenborough

We use imaginary lines to calculate the exact locations of anywhere on Earth, known as latitude and longitude. Latitude can tell us about what habitats and animals reside in an area - but did you know it can also tell us about the climate? Learn how to use the five major lines of latitude and what clues they'll give you into each region of the Earth.

The Lake District
Introduction to Antarctica