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Find out about tenths and the ways they can be represented.

This lesson includes:

  • two videos
  • two interactive activities


Watch the video below from Maths with Parents to see how tenths can be shown with Dienes blocks and on a number line.

Tenths are created when one whole is split equally into ten different parts.

Tenths are important because they help you to understand place value in a number.

Let's take a look at some different ways of representing tenths.

Tenths as fractions

When a tenth is represented as a fraction, it is written with a denominator of 10.

The numerator shows how much of the whole is being talked about.

In this example, 3 out of the 10 squares have been shaded, so as a fraction that is ³/₁₀.

Tenths as decimals

One one is made up of ten tenths.

We can visually represent this by separating the whole into tenths. You can see that each square is the same as 0.1.

Therefore, ³/₁₀ as a decimal is 0.3.

Tenths on a number line

A number line is another way of representing tenths within a whole. The number line can either be split into decimals or fractions.

Each line represents 0.1 or one tenth.

Can you work out what number is shown on this number line below?

So to find the number the arrow is pointing to, you need to count up in tenths until you reach the arrow.

Remember to check which whole numbers the tenths are between.

The arrow on the number line is pointing to 2.5.

Watch this video from KS2 Maths on tenths and hundredths. Hundredths will be covered in more detail later in the week.


Activity 1

Tenths worksheet

Print out this worksheet from 10ticks or copy out the questions and find the correct answers.

Tenths worksheet

Activity 2

How far does the rabbit jump?

Have a go at the game below from Whizz Education and work out how far the rabbit has jumped each time.

How far does the rabbit jump?

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