How to become a concept artist: Thomas' story

Meet Thomas, 21, from Gateshead. He designs characters and worlds for games and films. Part of our Bitesize world of work series.

I'm really fortunate to have turned my hobby into my career and I'm excited to come to work and see what projects I'm going to work on next.

  • Thomas did an Art foundation course at college, specialising in illustration, where he learned how to use a graphics tablet

  • He now works as a concept artist, designing the worlds that films and games are set in, designing the characters, their clothes, environments, the homes they live in and props that they use

  • When it comes to concept art, illustrative skill is important. Everyone needs to be able to draw. But it's also important to have good communication skills to help understand the client's needs

  • It wasn't an easy path for Thomas to get into his job as a concept artist. It's a very competitive field and you have to have a portfolio that stands out.

What to expect if you want to be a concept artist

Thomas is a concept artist. You can get into this role through a number of different courses, such as Art and Design or Illustration. There are also specialist Concept Art courses, focusing on areas such as concept art for comics, computer games, and films. Thomas built his career as a games and films concept artist through a degree in Illustration.

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