19 to 90: What big life questions would you ask a 90-year-old?

How do you become comfortable with who you are? Do you ever really? What’s the secret to a long life and a healthy relationship with yourself and others?

Three young people (Kyra, Leo and Sophia) sat down with six elders who, it’s fair to say, have seen a lot of life, and asked them everything they’ve ever wanted to ask a nonagenarian.

The result is a funny, heart-warming and sometimes moving insight into the thoughts of our oldest generation.

'Relationships are never easy.'

Have you ever wanted to ask someone who's been there, done that, about what to expect growing up?

Billy (81), Gloria (84), Vera (89), Esshan (89), Anthony (96), and Nancy (97) talk to our young people about love and life.

'We all have flaws.'

When asked about body image, confidence and comparing yourself to others, the interviewees had some very interesting answers!

'I think your generation is more civilised!'

Leo, Sophia and Kyra didn’t shy away from asking pertinent questions about current affairs and the themes affecting young people today.

Fake news, immigration, mental health and climate change were all on the table.

'The world was watching and I was there'
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