Can you have a business AND a life?

With people in the UK working some of the longest hours in the world, striking the right work/life balance is a constantly evolving battle. If you’re about to start work for the first time and are looking for places to apply, a company’s workplace culture could become a huge part of your decision process. Perhaps a flexi-Friday policy might appeal, whilst the thought of a company picnic would have you running for the door – but what about when you are the boss?

How do you have a life outside of work when your business is your life’s work?

It is still really important to look after your mental health and wellbeing by having interests and activities outside of work even when you are your own boss. If you’re self-employed, or looking to start up your own business, our entrepreneurs are here to show you how it’s possible to have a successful business AND a life! While sacrifices are to be expected, watch here to see how they have found balance:

So, to recap:

  • Being your own boss will be difficult, but can be even more rewarding!
  • Sacrifices, at least in the short-term (sorry Kayode!), are to be expected
  • Burn-out is real. Be careful you don’t spread yourself or your energy too thin. Allow yourself to take a break
  • Investing in your mental wellbeing, as and when you need to rest, is more effective than working too hard and then needing to take a long time off from your business
  • Work smart, not hard. Build in time to switch off, and stay fresh
  • Treat yo’self! What are your interests or hobbies? Make sure you have some time out to indulge these, whether it’s escaping into a good book, going to the cinema, exercising to clear your head or spending time with friends.
  • Have a structure to your work day and respect your boundaries. For example, don’t allow yourself to always be open to incoming emails and calls at the weekends or after 6pm in the week. You don’t need to be instantly available to everyone all the time.
  • When you manage your time properly, you have time for everything!
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