Multiplying and dividing by 8

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In this session you will learn to multiply and divide by 8.

This includes:

  • one slideshow
  • two activity sheets


Click on the slideshow below to solve some pirate problems involving multiplying and dividing by eight.

Can you count forwards and backwards out loud in eights to 10 × 8 using the counting stick? We can work out unknown multiplication facts by adding or subtracting from known facts. Can you use the counting stick to help work out what 5 × 8 is? If we know 5 × 8, how could this help us to work out 6 × 8? Can you use the counting stick to work out 10 × 8? If we know 10 × 8, how could we work out 9 × 8?

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Activity 1

Use these activity sheets to explore multiples of 8, multiply and divide by 8, solve simple problems and identify patterns in your 8 × table.

Multiply and divide by 8

Activity 2

Play this exciting space race game to help you get quicker at recalling your 8 times table.

Recall your 8 times table

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