Working out and working overtime got me a better life

“I used to sit at home before shifts thinking: why do I have to do this? This cannot be my life. I felt trapped.”

Gemma spent 10 years working shifts in a role she didn’t enjoy. After joining a gym and loving it, she did her research and retrained to become a personal trainer.

After Gemma finished her A-levels, she spent a decade in a job with changing shifts – but decided to become a personal trainer instead. She spent time researching and asking people in-the-know about training and qualifications she’d need.

Gemma found an online training course that had the right accreditation and completed her Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification and a Level 3 in Personal Training.

Working extra hours allowed Gemma to cover the additional costs of being on the course. It was hard but she powered through, and even went on to do various additional training courses.

It was a lot to balance, but now she loves her job as a personal trainer and the clients she gets to work with. Gemma is glad she overcame the challenge of retraining to get where she is today.

“If I hadn't gone through all the difficult times I wouldn't have something so positive now.”
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