Who was Boudicca?

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Learn about the life of Boudicca and how she fought against the Romans.

This lesson includes:

  • two videos focusing on how Boudicca led her army against the Romans

  • two activities to test your knowledge


Watch this short animation to learn more about the life of Boudicca.

  • Her name comes from the word 'Bouda'. This means victory.
  • Boudicca lived many years ago, so we don’t have much information about her. But we can use objects from the past to help us understand her story.
  • There are no pictures of Boudicca, so we don’t know what she looked like. Tacitus said she had long red hair that hung below her waist.
  • Boudicca led her army against the Romans. She was as brave and strong as any of her soldiers.
  • Boudicca’s soldiers painted themselves blue to make themselves look more frightening!
Statue of Boudicca in London.

Now for a quick recap.

Watch this short film from CBBC Horrible Histories to tell you more about the actions of Boudicca and her army.


There are lots of fun ways to show your historical knowledge of Boudicca, online and offline. Here are a few you could try.

Activity 1

Put the events in the right order

Do you remember what happened in Boudicca's life? Try the activity below.

Activity 2

Download this worksheet from Twinkl to make your own Boudicca poster.

Boudicca wanted poster

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