Back to school: Catch up and keep learning with BBC Bitesize

On Monday 8 March, millions of children went back to school in England, followed by hundreds of thousands of children in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland a week or so later.

But it’ll be a while until everything’s back to normal, so Bitesize online will keep delivering a special service for pupils, teachers and parents until the summer. This Term’s Topics will run alongside the great content we always offer and it’ll be a chance to help children catch up and keep learning until, fingers crossed, things are fully back on track in September.

This Term’s Topics does what it says on the banner. It offers simple-to-use content, reflecting all this term’s key subjects, so there’s plenty of opportunity to catch up. Soon you’ll also see great guides, videos, text and quizzes reflecting next term’s key topics.

Some of our learning content comes in the shape of structured lessons, like Maths and English for Primary children, and some is shorter collections of video, text graphic and quiz content that helps Primary and Key Stage 3 children catch up on key concepts or learn them for the first time. It can be used in the classroom, be set as homework, or work as extra learning for parents to deliver at home.

From Monday 15 March, just go to, or click on the This Term’s Topics banner on the Bitesize homepage, and select your year group.


We’re bringing more educational and entertaining programming to TV to support all children, including those with limited access to the internet.

Launching on 19 April and sitting on the CBBC channel for three hours each school day, the Bitesize Learning Zone will draw on a rich archive of content from BBC Education, CBBC and the BBC Natural History Unit. These shows will again be split into age groups 5-7 years old, 7-9 years old and 9-11 years old, and will be designed for teachers to use in the classrooms, or for use at home for parents who want to help children their learning.

Over the first six weeks of the summer term, the Bitesize Learning Zone will have a weekly theme that teachers can use alongside their lessons. The themes are:

W/C 19 April: Animals

W/C 26 April: Science

W/C 3 May: Storytelling (also Children’s Book Week)

W/C 10 May: All About Me (also Mental Health Awareness week)

W/C 17 May: Around The World

W/C 24 May: Get Creative

Each morning is brought to a show-stopping close by CBBC’s Top Class, hosted by Susan Calman. Pupils can play along with this fun quiz for schools, testing themselves on their curriculum knowledge.

From 7 June, the Bitesize Learning Zone welcomes new episodes of Bitesize Daily focusing on Maths and English, offering primary school children detailed catch-up lessons in these subjects. This new series for primary aged children will feature lessons from teachers in Maths, English and well-being. Every Wednesday will be ‘Well-being Wednesday’, with lots of tips and activities that will support children to share and understand their feelings. Each episode in the series will be 20 minutes of curriculum-driven fun and education geared towards one of three age groups: 5-7, 7-9 or 9-11.

Click below to download the broadcast schedules.

On social media

Keep following Bitesize on social media for lots of handy tips on everything learning. Our Facebook and Twitter accounts focus on parents and teachers, and will feature information including TV schedules. There will also be articles for parents on supporting their kids as they return to school.

Teenage students can still enjoy our Instagram and TikTok platforms, where explainers, support content and of course lighter relief in the form of memes will be at hand.