Back to school: Catch up and keep learning with BBC Bitesize

The final summer half term is on the horizon, and Bitesize will keep delivering a special service for pupils, teachers and parents for the next few weeks.

Read on for information on how we can support children with their learning and wellbeing.


From Monday 7 June, there will be brand new episodes of Bitesize Daily on CBBC and BBC iPlayer.

This brand new series for primary-aged children features fun, curriculum-focussed lessons in Maths, English and wellbeing.

Every day will see the release of three 20-minute shows dedicated to a single subject; one show for each of the 5 to 7, 7 to 9 and 9 to 11 age groups.

The shows are led by well-known CBBC presenters, supported by primary school teachers who guide students through each day’s lessons.

This series also features a brand new character called CLOGS – a super smart robot with a keen grasp of the curriculum, but a lot to learn about life on planet Earth!

From understanding fractions and feelings, to telling the time and writing to persuade, the aim of the series is to provide teachers and students with an entertaining and engaging menu of subjects and topics from which to pick and choose as they require.

Click below to download the broadcast schedules.


This Term’s Topics does what it says on the banner. It offers simple-to-use content, reflecting all this term’s key subjects, so there’s plenty of opportunity to catch up.

Some of our learning content comes in the shape of structured lessons, like Maths and English for Primary children, and some is shorter collections of video, text graphic and quiz content that helps Primary and Key Stage 3 children catch up on key concepts or learn them for the first time. It can be used in the classroom, be set as homework, or work as extra learning for parents to deliver at home.

Just go to, or click on the This Term’s Topics banner on the Bitesize homepage, and select your year group.

On social media

Keep following Bitesize on social media for lots of handy tips on everything learning. Our Facebook and Twitter accounts focus on parents and teachers, and will feature information including TV schedules. There will also be articles for parents on supporting their kids as they return to school.

Teenage students can still enjoy our Instagram and TikTok platforms, where explainers, support content and of course lighter relief in the form of memes will be at hand.