Behind the brands with BBC Young Reporter: What's it like to work at Radio 1?

Radio 1 is well-known for bringing you all the latest hits, but what's life like behind the scenes?

The Young Reporter team went behind the scenes of some popular BBC brands to find out which jobs go into making hit content.

Join presenter Arielle Free, assistant producer Daisy Jarrett, podcast commissioning producer Leanne Alie and music editor Matt Fincham for a sneak peek into their job roles.

Arielle Free, presenter

It’s not just a presenter role that’s available in radio. A lot of people start as a team assistant and then go into the music team, and then when they’re in the music team, they realise they prefer the production side of things. There’s real avenues that allow you to cross over.

Arielles' top tip

If you want to be a presenter and it said in your school report that you talk too much, use it as ammunition to get a career on the radio.

Daisy Jarrett, assistant producer

When I finished uni, I moved to London, got a job in an office and tried to get any kind of experience on radio. I did shows of my own on community radio stations and tried to do as much radio as I possibly could until a team assistant job came up at Radio 1 and 1Xtra.

Daisy's top tip

Become an absolute expert at the thing that you like... that’s how you’ll be really good at the job you end up doing.

Leanne Alie, podcast commissioning producer

The journey into the role that I am in now was pretty unconventional. I’m very passionate about diversity inclusion and that comes out in all the work I do. I decided I needed to learn production as a way to progress in the industry.

Leanne's top tip

If it’s your type of thing, make a podcast yourself. You can literally start podcasting from your bedroom.

Matt Fincham, music editor

After school and university I did a lot of work experience at local radio stations. I sent a lot of emails to a lot of people saying, ‘Hey can I come in and get some experience?’.

Matt's top tip

Show something that embodies you or demonstrates your ability.

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