How to become a dental nurse assistant: Jemma's story

Meet Jemma, 25, and find out about life as a dental nurse assistant. Part of our Bitesize world of work series.

"I have found the perfect job which has given me purpose."

  • When Jemma finished school, she hoped to get a job in the retail sector
  • Jemma has a learning disability which effects her communication skills
  • She attended a number of interviews for retail jobs but she was unsuccessful and she wasn't sure what to do next
  • Thankfully, Jemma was supported by various specialist employment services, including Mencap, who helped her find her job as a dental nurse assistant
  • Before she started, the team made sure the workplace was set up to make things as easy as possible for Jemma. For example, they set up a new colour coding system for the different doors in the practice so she could find her way around.

Find the right job for you

Jemma never thought she would be working in a dental practice. The support she's had from Mencap's employment service is available for young people with a learning disability looking for support.

Mencap believes being employed is about more than earning money. It’s about:

  • feeling valued
  • being independent
  • getting fulfilment.

Mencap's "Three Ships"
Mencap’s employment services support people with a learning disability to develop the skills and confidence needed to get a job. They offer three programmes which help to achieve this goal: supported internships, traineeships and apprenticeships.

This information is a guide (source: Mencap employment services)

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