How can you be yourself at work?

Elliott from Stacey Dooley's Nine to Five has been wondering: does having a job really mean you have to be a boring person who wears boring clothes? Spoiler: it doesn't!

"I was always worried that I would end up being a boring person in a boring office, in a boring outfit. I just wanted to be me."

Elliott's top tips:

  • Remember you're there to represent the company you work for - it's not all about you and your fashion sense!
  • But employers will also want your personality to shine through, as that can enhance your work. So be yourself, but a professional version of yourself
  • Use your personality traits to your advantage. If you're chatty and approachable, you could be perfect for working with the public. What is it that makes you you, and how can you use that quality at work?
  • Bonus tip: when you start a new job, familiarise yourself with its work place rules. Is there anything you're not allowed to wear? Or anything you must wear, for example for health and safety reasons? These are unlikely to be negotiable, so make sure you're in the know
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