Behind the brands with BBC Young Reporter: What's it like to work on Asian Network's Big Comedy Night?

Asian Network's Big Comedy Night brings you stand-up laughs from around the UK, but what's it like to be on the other side of the action?

The Young Reporter team went behind the scenes of some popular BBC brands to find out which jobs go into making hit content.

Scroll down to hear from presenter Harpz Kaur, comedian Tez Ilyas, radio visualisation team member Dan Lucas and producer Rumana Hoque about what goes into bringing Asian Network's content to life.

Harpz Kaur, presenter, BBC Asian Network

The best thing for me is the atmosphere in the room, it’s the reaction from the audience. That gives me more adrenaline to want to be on the stage and do what I do.

Harpz's top tip

If your instinct and gut are telling you this is what you want to do, I would definitely suggest getting all the experience you can.

Tez Ilyas, comedian

When I was going into my GCSEs I had the option between Drama and Business Studies and at that age I was like, "When am I gonna ever do Drama, am I gonna become an actor or something?" so I dropped it for Business Studies and I look back now and think, "What did you know kid?"

Tez's top tip

Write down your funny ideas, write down the funny things people say to you that you can turn into a joke later.

Dan Lucas, radio visualisation team

Back in the day in TV, maybe there were a lot more people doing individual roles but now we are kind of expected to be able to have all of these different skills.

Dan's top tip

Make sure you have lots of different skills. Learning how to edit, light and grade you can make yourself more valuable.

Rumana Hoque, producer, BBC Asian Network

One day we were going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and they asked me if I wanted to produce the shows and said: "yes, absolutely". That’s when I realised I was into comedy.

Rumana's top tip

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and just be really curious.

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