How to make a great first impression at work

We don’t just communicate with the words and sentences we use. Our body's movements and postures can sometimes say a lot even when we're not talking. Using positive body language can help you make a great impression at work.

Top tips to take away

  • Be present when you’re having meetings. You might be tired, but yawning or getting distracted when someone's speaking will give a negative impression
  • Be enthusiastic and open - don’t be afraid to show your bubbly side or be energetic, especially when you’re engaged in tasks
  • Standing straight and smiling will make you look confident
  • Open body language shows you’re ready to listen and that you’re approachable
  • Making eye contact can demonstrate that you’re listening and open
  • Positive body language can show you’re enjoying the work that you do and that you want to work for the organisation.
How to strike the right tone in the workplace
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