Decimals as fractions

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Learn how to represent decimals with up to 2 decimal places as fractions.

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What are decimals?

This video from KS2 Maths introduces place value for tenths and hundredths.

Decimals and fractions are 'related'. Just like fractions have equivalent fractions, decimals also have equivalent fractions.

It’s important to know and understand how to write decimals as fractions, because this helps us to understand the place value of the numbers.

Place value is very important when we’re converting decimals into fractions. You already refer to the place value names as fractions after the decimal point - Tenths and hundreths.

There is a simple method that you can follow to help you convert decimals into fractions.

Example 1:

Let’s take a look at how to convert 0.7 into a fraction.

Step 1: Put the decimal into the place value chart.

Step 2: From the place value chart, you can see which column the number ends in - the tenths column (Tths).

The denominator becomes 10 and the numerator is whichever numbers follow the decimal point.


0.7 = ⁷⁄₁₀

Since there are no ones before the decimal point, you don’t have to include the zero since there are no wholes.

Example 2:

What about when the decimal has two decimal places like 0.91?

You can use the same method. When you understand the place value of decimals, it is easy to convert a decimal into a fraction.

0.91 = ⁹¹/₁₀₀

Example 3:

Does the method work when there are numbers before the decimal point?

Yes! There is just an added step of including a whole number that is represented in the columns before the decimal point.

For example, let's convert 5.69 into a fraction?

Step 1: Put the number into the place value chart.

Step 2: Convert the numbers after the decimal point into a fraction and keep the 5 in the ones column as a whole number. This turns the fractions into a mixed number.

5.69 = 5 ⁶⁹⁄₁₀₀


Activity 1

What are decimals quiz

Test your decimals knowledge with this KS2 Maths quiz.

Activity 2

Decimals as fractions - Busy Ants worksheet

Convert these decimals to fractions in this Busy Ants worksheet from Collins

Decimals as fractions - Busy Ants worksheet

Click here for the answer sheet and refer to the section titled 'Lesson 1: Decimals as fractions'.


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