Position and direction in football for Year 2 and P3

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Learn to describe position and directions. Help find some football equipment, before taking on the role of players and managers to practise following and giving instructions.

This lesson includes:

  • one video
  • four activities

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Describing position and direction on the football pitch

Watch Watford FC mascot, Harry the Hornet, as he explains position and directions on his race through the stadium.

Being able to describe position and give directions is important if you want to be a successful footballer or football coach.

The slideshow below features some of the keywords used to describe where something is, as well as a grid exercise filled with football items and a practical lesson in making quarter and half turns.

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Learn about position and direction in football

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Activity 1

Take this fun quiz to test yourself on identifying the position of different football related objects on a grid.

Try it again at the end of today’s lesson to see if your understanding has improved.

Activity 2

We have two levels of activity sheet for you to try - start with the easier one before trying the slightly harder one.

At each level you will need to locate pieces of football kit using your understanding of the key words for describing position and direction.

Main activity: Find the football kit

Activity 3

Have a go at these two progressive activities, where you will need to provide the directions to move footballers around the pitch.

Describing positions and planning route

Activity 4

Football Treasure Hunt is a fun activity that will get you on your feet to demonstrate your understanding of how to give and follow directions.

Why not also get other members of your household involved?

Active maths: Football treasure hunt

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